"Let them wear shorts!" I guess it shouldn't be a surprise coming from a CCO/president who has placed his own bed in a glass-enclosed room in his own agency - Tor Myhren sent a memo out to his staff today saying:

“I’m fighting against every fiber of my being as I write this. But it’s hot out there. Like, really hot. And as [redacted] has pointed out, you guys did a great job helping us fill the ridiculous amount of new hires we needed over the past few months. So it is with absolutely zero pleasure that I announce you can all wear shorts for the rest of the week. Run home now and change, [redacted], because this is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Michael and I agree this offer is only good for the rest of this week, so enjoy it people. You’ve earned it.


P.S. In two hours I’m strategically off to LA for the rest of the week and won’t have to witness this atrocity. So in my head, it never really happened.”

UGH! I'm sure he thinks it's super hilarious, but what kind of agency doesn't allow their employees to wear shorts? If short-wearing is the biggest fashion faux-pas they're dealing with, god bless them.

Read the Agency Spy article here.  By the way, it's in the high 90s in NYC right now. 

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